Sales 101 The Basics is developed from a sales curriculum delivered to, and put into practice by sales teams across the world. The course combines a blend of video instruction, interviews with industry experts to deep dive into specific topics, as well as exercises designed to put key learnings into practice.

  • Six easy to navigate modules​

  • Presentations to sharpen your skills​

  • Videos to keep you motivated​

  • Exercises to develop your confidence ​


Larry Long, Jr.

Partner Instructor

Larry Long, Jr.

Experienced Sales Leader with a demonstrated history of success in SaaS sales. Passionate about coaching, and a proven track record of hitting goals and helping sales professionals take their game to the 'next level'. Highly skilled in: Sales, Team Development, Leadership, Motivation, Sales Training, Sales Development, Cold Calling, Enterprise Software, Sales Operations, and Having Fun.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome
    • Course Goals
    • Course Overview
    • Accessibility Statement
    • Definition of Sales
    • Definition of Sales
    • The Power of Mindset
    • Skills and Attributes of Sales Professionals
    • What is an EPIC Sales Professional?
    • Do You Have What It Takes?
    • Message from Donald Thompson
  • 2

    Time Management

    • Introduction to Module 1
    • Time is the Most Precious Resources for Sales Success
    • The Seven Top Drivers for Effective Time Management
    • Routines
    • Time Block Scheduling
    • Sales Expert Chat: Owning & Maximizing Your Day
    • Prioritization
    • Sales Expert Chat: Distractions & Prioritization of Activities
    • Eliminating Distractions
    • Learn to Say ‘No’
    • Truly Qualify Prospects
    • Discipline
    • Module 1 Self Assessment
    • Time Management Wrap-Up
  • 3


    • Introduction to Module 2
    • The WHO of Prospecting
    • Sales Expert Chat: Building an Effective Outreach Cadence
    • The Ideal Customer Profile
    • Sales Expert Chat: Prospect Personas
    • Categorizing Your Prospects
    • The WHAT of Prospecting
    • Creating Your Value Proposition
    • Sales Expert Chat: Why Sales Professionals Need Personal Value Propositions
    • Creating Your Elevator Pitch
    • The HOW of Prospecting
    • The Work-Back Plan
    • Customized Outreach with Purpose
    • The Power of the 500 Pound Phone
    • Creative Outreach Methods
    • How to be a Go-Giver
    • Leveraging Existing Relationships
    • Module 2 Self Assessment
    • Module 2 Exercises
    • Prospecting Wrap-Up
  • 4


    • Introduction to Module 3
    • What is Discovery?
    • Two Major Components of Discovery
    • Uncovering Needs
    • Sales Expert Chat: Understanding Discovery
    • The Art & Science of Identifying Needs
    • Sales Expert Chat: Inquiry vs. Qualification
    • Qualification
    • Introduction to Active Listening
    • Sales Expert Chat: Active listening
    • Matchmaking
    • Module 3 Self Assessment
    • Module 3_Exercise
    • Discovery Wrap-Up
  • 5


    • Introduction to Module 4
    • Advance Preparation with People Mapping
    • Matchmaking Capabilities and Needs
    • Highlighting Value
    • Sales Expert Chat: Story Selling
    • 3 Ps to a Flawless Virtual Web Demo
    • Sales Expert Chat: How to Recover from a Bad Demo
    • Demo Practice Tip
    • Engaging in a Remote Environment
    • Proactive Objection Handling
    • Sales Expert Chat: Handling Objections
    • Adding Value to Your Demo
    • Securing Next Steps
    • Module 4 Self Assessment
    • Module 4 Exercises
    • Demo Wrap-Up
  • 6

    Pipeline Management

    • Introduction to Module 5
    • Tools to Manage Prospects and Customers
    • Developing a Sales Process
    • Sales Expert Chat: Why an Effective Pipeline Strategy is Critical to Your Sales Success
    • Customer Journey Mapping
    • Outcome Selling
    • Pipeline & Deal Management
    • Prospects vs. Suspects
    • Driving Urgency Through The Sales Process
    • The Say-Do Ratio
    • Accurate Sales Forecasting
    • Sales Expert Chat: Pipeline Management
    • Module 5 Closing Message
    • Module 5 Self Assessment
    • Module 5 Exercises
    • Pipeline Management Wrap-Up
  • 7


    • Module 6 Introduction
    • Closing Tips
    • Closing Techniques
    • Objections
    • Everyone Wins Negotiations
    • Next Level Questions
    • Sales Expert Chat: Keys to Closing a Sale
    • Trust and Relationships
    • Sales Expert Chat: What it Means to be a Closer
    • Closing Like a Pro
    • Module 6 Self Assessment
    • Module 6 Exercise
  • 8


    • Sales 101 Wrap-Up


Margaret W.

"Overall, I am impressed with this course. I enjoyed the use of sales practitioners throughout to reinforce the lessons. The content was solid for each module and I'm glad I went through the course."

Lindsay L.

"One part sales process plus one part personnel effectiveness, this course is a must for all new sales professionals. Larry brings his big energy and practical perspective to Sales 101. This course is a great reminder of how to stay focused on what truly "moves the needle" in sales."