How you communicate defines who you are

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  • Crush your next business review or client presentation?

  • Create compelling speeches that people actually WANT to listen to?

  • Calm your nerves so you can perform your best?

  • Eliminate vocal fillers and learn what to do with your hands when speaking?

  • Get direct feedback on your presentation from the experts?

Why Being a Good Speaker Matters

In an age where the spoken word is quickly being replaced by digital conversations, it's crucial to develop strong communication and presentation skills to make your mark. Communicating effectively is one of the most powerful tools any professional can have. The way you speak to someone one-on-one and in front of a group sets the foundation for how people perceive you. Do they take you seriously? Do you command their attention? Or does your vocal inflection or body language turn them off? 

In Rock Your Next Talk Masterclass you'll have access to:

  • Self-paced learning you can do anytime, anywhere

  • Start the course whenever you choose

  • Course videos and valuable resources

  • Activity-based learning

  • Presentation assignments with constructive feedback

  • Podcasts with professional speakers and business leaders

  • An online community to continue growing your public speaking skills

  • Lifetime access to current and updated content

Rock Your Next Talk Masterclass Syllabus

World-class instruction through videos, presentations, activities with feedback, downloadable tip sheets, a completion certificate and everything you need to become a confident communicator.

  • 1

    Course Instructions

    • Instructions
  • 2


    • Course Introduction Video
    • Before we begin...
  • 3

    The Human Attention Span

    • The Human Attention Span Lesson Intro
    • Ice Breaker Activity
    • Why It Matters
  • 4

    Pre-Planning: Know Your Audience

    • Know Your Audience Lesson Intro
    • Know Your Audience
  • 5

    Message Development

    • Message Development Module Instructions
    • Message Development Lesson Intro
    • SET Format Presentation
    • SET Format Explainer
    • SET Format Practice Example
    • SET Format Activity
    • Topic Starter/Message Development Activity
    • Topic Starter Activity
  • 6

    Slide Preparation

    • Slide Preparation Lesson Intro
    • Slide Preparation
    • PowerPoint Tip Sheet
    • Donald Thompson Interview - Rock Your Next Talk
  • 7

    How You Communicate

    • How You Communicate Lesson Intro
    • How You Communicate Presentation.pdf
    • Stark County Commissioner
    • How People Perceive You.pdf
  • 8

    Vocal Delivery & Body Language

    • On Deck Lesson Intro
    • Vocal Delivery
    • Good Speech About Speech
    • Body Language
    • What do I do with my hands?
    • Vocal Best Practices
    • John Murphy Interview - Rock Your Next Talk
  • 9

    What to Wear

    • What to Wear Lesson Intro
    • What to Wear Presentation
    • How to Dress to Present
  • 10

    The 3 Ps: Prepare, Practice & Present

    • The 3 Ps Lesson Intro
    • How to Keep Practicing: the 3 P's
  • 11

    Final Activity

    • Final Presentation
    • Bonus Resources Video
    • More resources for you...
  • 12

    Next Steps...

    • Closing Thoughts & Special Invitation
    • Before you go...
    • Pre-Presentation Questions
    • Presentation Planning Form
    • Topic Starters
    • SET Format
    • SET Format Worksheet
    • Vocal Delivery & Body Language Best Practices
    • How to Dress to Present
    • Rock Your Next Talk Sizzle Reel

What will I learn in this course?

Interactive, activity-based content that will help you become a confident, impactful speaker. The same training principles we deliver to multi-million dollar clients are now available to you at a fraction of the cost.

What people are saying...

Beverly G.

Helps grow future speakers & professionals

Beverly G.

"Thank you for creating a course that not only teaches but helps the growth of future speakers and professionals. I thoroughly enjoyed taking this course and recommend anyone interested in sharpening their speech and interpersonal skills!"
Kaela G.

"Would absolutely recommend"

Kaela G.

"Sharon's Rock Your Next Talk Masterclass was incredibly helpful and engaging. I learned everything I needed to know about presenting via slides, podcasts, videos, and even interactive activities! The content was thoughtful and relevant and presented in easy-to-grasp formats. Would absolutely recommend!"
Jackie F.

"Excellent course"

Jackie F.

"This is an excellent course for anyone but especially those who have a fear of public speaking. Whereas most classes push you directly in front of an audience, this course allows you to increase your confidence privately with the instructor before taking next steps to speak in front of others. For those with more experience, it offers great next-level tips in preparation and presentation that make you a better speaker."
Heather C.


Heather C.

"Well thought out, and well-presented masterclass on how to improve presentation skills. I can see benefits in repeating this course over and over."


Sharon Delaney McCloud

Sharon Delaney McCloud

Senior Instructor

Sharon Delaney McCloud

Emmy Award-winning broadcaster, TEDx Speaker, corporate presentation coach, author and communications expert who helps people improve their communication & executive presence to drive business & personal results. Join the thousands of people who have immediately leveled up their speaking skills by implementing Sharon's proven and easy to remember techniques. When you enroll in Rock Your Next Talk Masterclass, you'll join an interactive experience where Sharon will give you direct feedback on your presentations so you can continue to improve and build your confidence as a speaker. You'll get lifetime access to the engaging, actionable content as well as an invitation to a private online community of other Rock Your Next Talk Masterclass students.

What else people are saying...

  • K.R., Duke University Professor

    "I wanted to share with Sharon that I enjoyed the video training workshop. It was well worth my time and something I think we need to better prepare us as ambassadors for our school and expert educators and scientists.”

  • E.W., Thrivner

    "Our training with Sharon at Walk West was the highlight of my summer. I left feeling more confident with specifics to practice. I really appreciated that you demystified so many things and provided useful feedback."

  • S.P., Clean Inc.

    "Sharon's advice and real-world examples provided valuable insights as my team works to master the skills we've put focus on this year. The workshop had something to offer the least experienced to the most experienced in the room."

Remember, this is your opportunity to...

  • Feel more confident for your next presentation

  • Create impactful content using an easy to learn, repeatable process

  • Learn to calm your nerves so you can perform your best

  • Get direct feedback on your presentation from the experts


Tell me more...

  • Do I have to start the course on a certain date?

    No, once you enroll you can start the course anytime you wish. You have lifetime access to it. So, knock it out on a weekend, or take a few weeks or months to complete the course. Plus, you can go back to it as much as you want to polish and refresh your skills.

  • Is this an individual or a group course?

    Rock Your Next Talk Masterclass is an individual online course. You take it and complete the activities yourself, not as a group.

  • How do you give feedback on my activities since this is an online course?

    The Rock Your Next Talk Masterclass combines videos, presentations, podcasts, activities and surveys. With the activities, we use Flipgrid and Padlet for you to upload your assignments and presentations. We will review your work and give you direct feedback via the platforms.

  • How long does it take to complete the course?

    We estimate it takes between 4 to 6 hours, depending on how much time you spend on the activities.

Are you ready to rock your next talk?

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